Workshop: To (Embedded) Debian, and Beyond

Debian is more than a great workstation-oriented operating system: it's a great operating system for embedded work, too. In addition to thousands of built-and-tested applications and libraries for every common machine architecture, the Debian Project offers powerful tools and techniques for every phase of an embedded product's development life-cycle.

This workshop shows you how to adapt the power of Debian for your own projects, based on the experience of a freelance developer who has done exactly that. Between short lectures, you'll watch the presenter go from a plain-vanilla Debian setup into one specifically tuned for an embedded device. The presenter will use actual embedded hardware, and students are strongly encouraged to bring their own, development-friendly hardware (Beaglebone, UDOO, Dragonboard, etc.) and follow along.

Topics covered will include:

  • Why Debian?
  • The importance of Debian "packaging"
  • Building and packaging a Linux kernel
  • Defining a target-specific "meta-package"
  • Constructing a root filesystem
  • The many ways of handling field updates
  • Keeping developer tools in sync with the target
  • Improving developer workflow and productivity
  • Surprising solutions for embedded-specific problems

Who should attend:
Developers needing an embedded Linux operating system