Room 2 

11:40 - 12:40 


Talk (60 min)

Theory makes beautiful programs; or MC/DC in gcc

I wrote a patch. Modified/condition decision coverage (MC/DC) is a useful tool for code correctness and is particularly important in safety oriented industries like automotive and aerospace. While there are techniques for doing it manually, condition coverage benefits greatly from tooling.

Software Design

I designed an algorithm for figuring out condition coverage from control flow graphs and implemented it in gcc. This talk covers what MC/DC is, why you should do it, and shows why a little bit of theory can make very beautiful programs.

Jørgen Kvalsvik

Jørgen is a programmer and free software enthusiast, with a passion for programming languages, high-quality software, and beautiful programs. He mostly works with developing libraries for scientific computing and peculiar legacy industry files in the energy industry. He has an MSc in Computer Science from NTU and develops free software at Equinor in Bergen.