2019 Agenda

NDC TechTown 2019 featured 9 pre-conference workshops, 2 days of conference sessions and 50 speakers.

All talks from the 2019 conference are available on our YouTube Channel

Workshops - 2-3 September 2019

Duration Workshop Instructor
2 days

Moving to C++
Jason Turner
2 days

Accelerated TDD - For More Productive C++
Phil Nash
2 days

Fast Track to OpenEmbedded and Yocto Project
Chris Simmonds
2 days

Linux System Programming Fundamentals
Michael Kerrisk
2 days

Python Properly
Robert Smallshire
2 days

Advanced and Modern C++ Programming: The Tricky Parts
Nicolai Josuttis
2 days

C++ Performance and Optimisation Hubert Matthews
2 days

(In)Security in C++ Patricia Aas
2 days

Fastware: The Art of Optimizing C++ Code Andrei Alexandrescu

Conference - 4 September 2019


Elections: Trust and Critical Infrastructure

Patricia Aas
Time Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4 Room 5

Combining C++17 Features
Nicolai Josittis
Renault car infotainment system with TomTom LIVE Services
Peter Bindels
How did Linux become a mainstream embedded operating system?
of Design

Chris Simmonds
Storage Duration
and Linkage in
C and C++

Dan Saks
"Allegro" Means Both Fast and Happy. Coincidence?
Andrei Alexandrescu

C++: λ Demystified
Andreas Fertig
C++ in containers
Marc Goodner
From circuit
board design to finished product: the hobbyist’s guide to hardware manufacturing

Sebastian Roll
Developing the Bloomberg Terminal -- Local performance & measurement techniques
Paul Williams
Anchored Metadata
Austin Bingham

The Most Average Function There Is
Andrei Alexandrescu
Model Based SW Engineering: a success story from development of the Joint Strike Missile
Trygve Røste & Tormod Ambli
A Short Life span<> For A Regular Mess
Victor Ciura
Secure and Scalable End-2-End Telematics Solution in Trucks
Nicolas Helou
Modern techniques for keeping your code dry
Björn Fahller

C++ Concepts for Developers
Hubert Matthews
Generators, Coroutines and Other Brain Unrolling Sweetness
Adi Shavit
Using Android as OS for a single purpose system
Martin Ertsås
HiMake - the build tool that builds the Kongsberg missile software
Arne Førlie
Forget C - Use Modern C++ for Embedded
Peter Sommerlad

C++ Modules and Large-Scale Development
John Lakos
How I learned to love Ada as a C++ developer
Maya Posch
How to build Python-C++ libraries
Jørgen Kvalsvik
Securing the Connected Car
Mirza Krak
Containers unplugged: Linux namespaces
Michael Kerrisk

C++ allocator-aware software infrastructure
John Lakos
Developing a missile simulator
Arnstein Tinjar
The Hitchhiker's Guide to Faster Builds
Viktor Kirilov
Olve Maudal
Containers unplugged: understanding user namespaces
Michael Kerrisk

Conference - 5 September 2019

Time Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4 Room 5

C++ Smart Pointers - Usage and Secrets
Nicolai Josittis
BOSSA nova in a Nutshell: Overview on the Synthesis of Beyond Budgeting, Open Space, Sociocracy & Agile
Jutta Eckstein
The ultimate guide to software updates on embedded Linux devices
Mirza Krak
Scaling Qt from Desktop to Servers and Micro-controllers
Volker Hilsheimer
The Dawn of a New Error
Phil Nash

Safe C++
Peter Sommerlad
Prioritizing Security correctly
Ole Alexander Pihl Konstad
Unicode - going down the rabbit hole
Peter Bindels
Reverse engineering a legacy software in a complex system: A systems engineering approach
Maximiliano Moraga
Uncertain Models - Learning from the past and optimizing for the future
Markus Fanebust Dregi

C++ Code Smells
Jason Turner
Solve hard problems quickly using SAT solvers
Martin Hořeňovský
No Nonsense UI Design
Erik Engheim
C++ Insights: See your source code with the eyes of a compiler
Andreas Fertig
Testing The Tests: Mutation Testing for C++
Seph De Busser

"New" Features in C
Dan Saks
Using Conan in a real-world complex project
Kristian Jerpetjøn
Make your tests tell the story of your domain
Mads Opheim & Anne Landro
Just enough Assembly for Compiler Explorer
Anders Schau Knatten
The Evolution of Accelerated 2D and 3D Graphics in Qt
Laszlo Agocs

Compile Time Regular Expressions
Hana Dusíková
Customizing Qt to create first class graphical experiences on highly customized hardware
Andreas Aardal Hanssen
Embracing Modern CMake
Stephen Kelly
The Anatomy of an Exploit
Patricia Aas
Freestanding C++ - Past, Present, and Future
Ben Saks

The Internet of Pwned Things

Troy Hunt