Workshop: A Tour of Modern C++

In this fast-paced course we will start from scratch and relearn C++ with modern syntax and semantics.

Among other things you will learn (at least something) about:

  • rvalues and move semantics
  • how to write and understand templates
  • function objects and lambda expressions
  • decltype, auto and type deduction in general
  • exception handling and exception safety
  • "mystical" stuff like ADL, RAII and SFINAE
  • futures, promises and higher-order parallelism
  • concepts and type traits
  • iterators, smart pointers and object lifetimes
  • using the standard library effectively
  • misc do's and don'ts in modern C++
  • modern design principles and how to write solid code
  • C++11, C++14 and new stuff coming with C++17 and later

This course is aimed at experienced programmers that would like to learn how to write, or at least understand, modern C++. Ideally you should have some experience with either C, old-school C++, Python and/or Java.

Computer setup

Students will need to bring their own laptops with a C++ compiler and a recent C++ development environment.


Olve Maudal

Secure Coding, Modern C++

Twitter @olvemaudal

Olve Maudal works for Cisco Systems where he is involved in developing collaboration solutions and telepresence technology. He loves to write code, but he is just as interested in how software is developed as what it actually does. Main interests are embedded systems, C, C++, TDD, secure coding, software architecture and machine learning. Olve is based in Oslo and he is a certified Cisco Security Ninja.