Workshop: C++17 in Practice - Features, Tricks, and Pitfalls

C++17 is out for a year now and at least partially supported by Clang, GCC, and Visual Studio. While C++ is no revolution and changes the style of programming (as C++11 did), it is a remarkable collection of many many features both in the core language and the library. It might look that all this is easy to learn and to use. But beware, C++17 is a lot more complex than it looks like. There are nice hidden features, significant remarkable design issues, and important pitfalls (especially when combining new features)

This tutorial discusses the new features with the focus of remarkable applications and traps that can occure in practice.

Software developers, programmers, technical managers

Basis understanding of C++, ideally with the key features of C++11 (auto, move semantics, decltype, lambdas, ...).

Computer Setup:
All exercises are done together using different compilers.
You don't have to bring your own laptop.


Nicolai Josuttis

Independent consultant

Twitter @NicoJosuttis ‏

Nicolai Josuttis is well known in the programming community because he not only speaks and writes with authority (being the (co-)author of the world-wide best sellers The C++ Standard Library (, C++ Templates (, C++17 - The Complete Guide (, and SOA in Practice), but is also an innovative presenter, having talked at various conferences and events.

He is an independent system architect, technical manager, author, and consultant. He designs mid-sized and large software systems for the telecommunications, traffic, finance, and manufacturing industries.