Andreas Bredesen

Andreas Bredesen Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace

Andreas Bredesen is passionate about technology and software. Especially how technology and software can realize a strategy to achieve goals in pursuit of a grand vision.

Today Andreas is working as department manager for Missile Software Technology in Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace.

Andreas comes from a role as Development Manager in iTet AS, where he had the strategic responsibility for the portfolio of products that the SW department developed and managed. He acted as a connection between the SW development department, sales and marketing departments, management and customers. In this role, he had personnel responsibility for developers in the SW department, budget and financial responsibility as well as responsibility for the strategic and operational management of the department.

Prior to this, he was senior system developer in iTet where his main tasks were project management, system architecture and development, implementation, integrations and customer contact. He also contributed to internal development to make processes, services and systems more efficient.

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