Paul Williams

Paul Williams Application Frameworks Manager

Twitter @pcwilliams
Paul is a programmer, technical manager and part of the engineering leadership team at Bloomberg in London.

Paul co-founded the London Engineering Department at Bloomberg, and is part of the leadership team that has seen the local engineering group grow to 900 developers over the last 20 years. He, his team, and peers designed and built core components of the Bloomberg Professional Service, aka the Bloomberg Terminal, including Launchpad, the multi-screen real-time financial data display, and Instant Bloomberg ("IB"), the finance industry's ubiquitous secure instant messaging system. His focus continues to be real-time performance of data-processing and display, involving development and deep analysis of native C++ systems and interactions with managed JavaScript environments and the inherent non-deterministic behaviour of those.

He also works closely with the engineering and business teams in Bloomberg's New York office, co-founded Bloomberg's Tech Hub in San Francisco, collaborating with West Coast architect IwamotoScott to design a workspace for software developers, and has recently formed a new team focused on client-side performance based in Hong Kong.

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