Talk: C++: λ Demystified


C++11 lambdas brought us lambdas. They open a lot of new possibilities. Frequently asked questions are:

- How are they implemented?
- How do they work?
- How can it affect my daily programming?
- Do they generate a lot of code?
- What can I do with them?
- Where can I use them?

In this talk I will answer these questions. With the support of C++ Insights ( we will peak behind the scenes to answer questions about how they are implemented. We will also see how the compiler generated code changes, if we change the lambda itself. This is often interesting for development in constrained applications like the embedded domain.

Next I will show you application areas of lambdas to illustrate where they can be helpful. For example, how they can help you to write less and with that more unique code.

After the talk, you will have a solid understanding of lambdas in C++. Together with some ideas when and where to use them.