Talk: C++ in containers

C++ is a great choice for highly performant code. How do you leverage C++ code in containers though? There's lots of guidance out there for running applications written in other languages in containers, but not much on C++. While the C++ community is embracing containers for reproducible build environments there is a void when it comes to running C++ services in containers. Some people may even tell you C++ isn't appropriate here because it's too hard to use safely exposed to the network. Containers can help you here though. Composing your C++ service with a proxy server can make this easier by externalizing those concerns to where they belong, in the hands of network engineers instead of in your code. Containers help make that composition easier, not harder.

So let's talk about what you need to know to use C++ in containers, from getting your code and libraries into a container to deploying your application. And we'll talk about this as we do it. Most of this talk will be in an editor and shell.