Talk: Real-time prototyping using visual programming languages

The current trend of digitalisation has created a demand for design methods and tools which can drive more efficient development cycles of products and services. We prefer to "succeed faster" rather than "failing fast": you can get immediate team collaboration benefits and user feedback if you engage designers and developers more seamlessly while trying new ideas. This is where visual programming tools can be of great benefit, particularly for projects related to IoT, embedded software and complex installation interfaces.

In this talk I will cover some of the advantages of visual programming languages for real-time prototyping in digital design workflows. Using real-world examples as well as lab conceptual projects, the talk will focus particularly on the use of one of these visual development platforms (TouchDesigner) to solve design problems in areas such as:

- Dashboards for sensor-based data
- Natural language interfaces
- Embedded software interfaces

The cases presented will aim to illustrate how different skills and technological developments can come together and open exciting new collaboration opportunities when the right methods and tools are applied.