Talk: Respect the Problem - Respect the Users


As the pace of software development is rapidly accelerating, it can be challenging to ensure that we are solving the right problem. Rather than taking the time to secure that we are developing solutions for the right user, one can easily rush straight on to what is perceived the obvious solution. The result may be software that has poor effect, is difficult to use and provides no profit to the company.

As designers, we aim to always start by asking what, for whom before how. This entails to start by exploring and thoroughly understanding what the real problem is. Then we focus on its actual users, before we take a systematic explorative and creative approach possible solutions and choose technology. For us, the user it not only the end-user, but also the developers that shape and build the product.

In this early process, we invite developers to take part in the process of understanding the problem and exploring possible solutions together. This process enables a common understanding, validation and ownership of the product. Halogen has developed methodology for combining design theory, psychology and human factors. The methods and processes has been iterated and tested through 10 years of working practice, and an accumulated in an ongoing PhD by Fredrik Schönheyder.