Talk: The TANDBERG Way

After releasing an ISDN-based videophone in the early 1990's TANDBERG grew to become the dominant player in videoconferencing products and telepresence solutions. In 2010, TANDBERG had 1700 employees worldwide when it was acquired for 18 billion NOKs by the american tech behemoth Cisco Systems. The acquisition marked the end of an era where TANDBERG had effectively competed and systematically outperformed all other market players for two decades. TANDBERG (1990-2010) was without doubt one of the greatest high tech product development organizations in the world.

This talk will discuss organizational culture and engineering principles from this legendary company, seen from a product development point of view. While I will focus on how the organization operated in the last few years, I will also say a few words about things we learned about surviving a painful acquisition. Few companies have more experience with mergers and acquisitions than Cisco Systems and the TANDBERG way of engineering did partly survive the transition. Also, the TANDBERG lore continues with a large number of successful startups by former employees and ideas are spreading as "infected" individuals are joining other organizations. TANDBERG forever!