Talk: The ultimate guide to software updates on embedded Linux devices

Software updates has for a long time been a mess, consisting of “homegrown” solutions specific to a certain project and there was very little re-usage between projects and very little collaboration in our community to solve these complex problems. Luckily for us that time is over and the community around this topic has grown over last couple years and still is growing as the demand increases with the growth of IoT and OTA firmware updates (which introduces even more complexity).

There are now well established open-source solutions that have been “battle tested” that we can collaborate on to make the complexity of software updates manageable. We are heading for a time where a quality Board Support Package should provide an software update implementation because it really should be solved at this level instead of handing this over to application developers which have limited knowledge of low lever architecture on a embedded device.

In this talk Mirza will present some of the challenges of doing software updates on embedded system. He will also present the available open-source projects that can be used to solving these challenges. Projects such as, SWupdate, RAUC and more.