Talk: Using Android as OS for a single purpose system

Android is a versatile operating system that can be used for all sorts of applications. Android is powering phones, watches, infotainment systems, fridges, and more. Often these devices allow for installing external applications following specific user experience guidelines. Can Android be tamed to run just one application taking complete control over the user experience?

With 20+ years of experience with building on top of specialized real-time systems and Linux, we (Cisco Systems at Lysaker) tried to use Android as the operating system for a telepresence endpoint (aka, videoconferencing applicance). From a technical point of view, we succeeded, we developed it, we shipped it, we support it, but... I will share experiences from using Android in our system, both from the application point of view and as a platform. Different aspects of development will be discussed, including testing, security, impact of UX design, contracts, and implementation techniques.