Talk: "Who do I innovate for?" A Product Manager's perspective!

For any business to survive, the need for innovation is given. Yet ask yourself – are you innovating ‘effectively’ to create products? Are your talented developers spending time on the right areas of new product development? Are these new ideas creating meaningful impact on the business?

In this talk, let’s put on a new hat, that of a Product Manager in the ‘resource constrained’ real world. We’ll explore how the product manager solves the jigsaw puzzle to maximize gains for the business. I’ll share some experiences from over the years - as a software developer for smartphones, to a product manager shipping Smart TV. It is an eye opener to figure what we should really be spending our precious development effort on.

How can leaders in software innovation deploy their efforts more effectively? We’ll hack into the mind of a product manager to explore what he really does? Decode the underlying rationale & decision tree of their product managers. Empowered with that knowledge you will be able to embrace meaningful innovation that does both – create value for customers and extract value for the business.