Workshop: Introduction to C++20 - Day 1/2


Day 1/2

C++20 is not just yet another incremental update but a profound change to the C++ language and its standard library. With many essential features added this C++ version may impact us even more than C++11 did nearly 10 years ago.

C++20 is already ratified by the ISO C++ Committee and should be published as the official ISO document soon. The C++ compiler developers are working hard to make their product conforming to the new specification and lots of features are already available to play with. During the training, a particular emphasis will be put on learning and practicing the most prominent C++20 features like Concepts, Ranges, and Coroutines, but also we will try many other smaller features of the new language.

Two days are not enough to cover everything of this massive release. We will do our best to cover as much as possible but probably we will scope mainly on the new language features and will cover only the most essential library facilities.

Most probably during the workshop we will work with the latest version of the compiler thanks to the Compiler Explorer, so no special environment preparation is needed.