Room 1 

13:40 - 14:40 


Talk (60 min)

Error handling in C++: as easy as "use exceptions"?

This session is about error handling in C++. I'm going to discuss with you three the most common approaches of handling exceptional circumstances occur during program execution. How these approaches affects program architecture, API design, and even code style. Ever wondered should a function return an error code, write something to an optional argument passed by a pointer, return a special result-like type or even throw an exception? If so, feel free to join and let's have a chat! This talk covers both fundamental things and common practices and may be of interest to participants of any level of experience.

Software Design

Vitaly Fanaskov

Vitaly is a senior software engineer at Zivid, SDK team. He has been designing and developing software with using C++ and some other languages for over 8 years. Primary areas of interest are design and development of frameworks and libraries, modern programming languages, and functional programming.
Vitaly holds a PhD in Computer Science from the Moscow State Mining University.