Room 4 

13:40 - 14:40 


Talk (60 min)

Most Malleable Memory Management Method

Examples for wanting to manage the memory usage of your program can be to reduce the cost of heap allocations, improve locality of reference, or maybe reduce heap fragmentation.


Regardless of reason, PMR, Polymorphic Memory Resource, is available since C++17, and makes your life much easier.

I will show you...

* Tools and techniques for analysing the memory usage of your program.

* How PMR makes memory management easier.

* How to use PMR with the standard library types.

* How to make your own types use PMR.

* Advice, and pitfalls to avoid, on your quest to improving the memory usage of your program.

Björn Fahller

Björn is a senior developer at Net Insight, where he is currently coordinating the technical work of teams developing electronics, FPGA, embedded software, distributed control systems and web applications. He is keen on improving the skills of the teams he works in, by learning, and by sharing knowledge. Björn has worked full time with software development since 1994, mostly for networking products, and primarily in C++. He has also created the popular open source C++ libraries, Trompeloeil for mocking, and strong_type for type safety.