Room 2 

15:00 - 16:00 


Talk (60 min)

Return Oriented Programming, an introduction

Return Oriented Programming (ROP) is an exploitation technique that folks have often heard of, but don't know the mechanics of. In this talk you will learn how it works, and we will go through some examples to show how it can be used to execute code in contexts where the stack is not executable.

Patricia Aas

Patricia Aas is an international speaker and has spoken at CppCon, ACCU, C++OnSea, NDC Security, NDC Oslo and many other conferences on subjects ranging from Sandboxing in Chromium to Vulnerabilities in C++. She has taught a range of subjects in Computer Science at the University of Oslo.

Patricia has a masters degree in Computer Science and 13 years professional experience as a programmer, most of that time programming in C++. During that time she has worked in codebases with a high focus on security: two browsers (Opera and Vivaldi) and embedded Cisco telepresence systems.