Room 3 

15:00 - 16:00 


Talk (60 min)

A C++ journey from old to modern - Modernising ObjectiveFrame

ObjectiveFrame is a finite element beam analysis application developed at Structural Mechanics at Lund university. The application focused on how to make finite element analysis in real-time explorable with direct feedback methods.


Initially developed in early 2001 for Windows and SGI Irix OS using C++98. This talk describes the history of its development and the efforts to modernize the application with regard to new C++ standards, as well as reengineering the application to take advantage of new libraries such as Eigen and ImGUI.

Jonas Lindemann

Director at LUNARC. Jonas has a background in Structural Mechanics where he worked on distributed finite element applications, new user interface concepts for engineering application as well as visualisation of material behavior in mechanical simulations. Since 2004 he has been working at LUNARC designing, implementing and operating HPC resources for Lund University. He is also actively engaged in teaching scientific computing (Python, C++ and Fortran) for graduate as well as post graduate students. At LUNARC he has been the main developer of GfxLauncher and multiple other HPC related tools (ARC Storage Explorer, LUNARC Application portal and ml-browse a graphical module browser for lmod).