Room 1

13:40 - 14:40 (UTC+02)

Talk (60 min)

An introduction to control groups (cgroups) version 2

Control groups (cgroups) allow us to limit and measure the resources used by groups of process. They are one of the fundamental building blocks of container frameworks, as well as a number of other interesting tools such as Flatpak and Firejail. We have (finally) reached the point where cgroups version 2 is supplanting cgroups version 1, as most major Linux distributions make the switch.

In this presentation, we will look at how cgroups work, from the perspective of the future. That is to say, I will ignore cgroups v1, and explore how cgroups work starting fresh from a version 2 perspective. Topics we’ll cover include creating and destroying cgroups, moving processes into cgroups, setting resource limits on cgroups, enabling and disabling controllers, and managing different resources to different levels of granularity. No previous knowledge of cgroups will be assumed.

Michael Kerrisk

Michael Kerrisk is a programmer, writer, and trainer who has a passion for investigating and explaining software systems. He is the author of "The Linux Programming Interface", a widely acclaimed book on Linux (and UNIX) system programming. He has been actively involved in the Linux development community since 2000, operating mainly in the area of testing, design review, and documentation of kernel-user-space interfaces. Since 2004, he has maintained the Linux "man-pages" project, which provides the primary documentation for Linux system calls and C library functions. Michael is a New Zealander, living in Munich, Germany, from where he operates a training business ( providing low-level Linux programming courses in Europe, North America, and occasionally further afield.