Room 2 

13:40 - 14:40 


Talk (60 min)

C is So Back: Unbreaking the Charter

For a long time, the C Charter -- N2611 -- and its previous revisions have tried to guide the development principles and design goals of ISO C since its earliest days. And yet, as we come up on the new version of ISO/IEC 9899 — Programming Languages, C and look even further beyond to the future, what we see is that there exists a plethora of very powerful practices in the wild that have not been translated or made portable in the C Standard.


What happened?

Was the charter not good enough to fulfill its ideals? Why did so many changes occur for C23? What is missing, and how are those things missing?

We will explore past, present, and future features for the C programming language. We will discuss the balance of power between users, librarians, implementers, and the standard committee. And, ultimately, we may yet find out what it really means to steer a 40+ year old programming language towards a better, brighter future.

Link-> N2611

Björkus Dorkus

JeanHeyd "ThePhD" is a student and an organizer for Shepherd's Oasis, LLC. They are the Project Editor for the C Language, and they manage large open-source contributions -- sol2, ztd.text, ztd.cuneicode, and more -- that is used across many industries and academic disciplines. They are currently working towards earning their own nickname, climbing the academic ladder while spending as much time as possible contributing to C and C++ standardization and development. Their newest and biggest project is Unicode for C and C++.

They very much love dogs and hopes to have their own in a few years or so. They also like TWRP's "Feels Pretty Good" from the album Together Through Time, and "Truth" from T-SQUARE's album TRUTH.