Room 3 

16:20 - 17:20 


Talk (60 min)

C++ MythBusters Strike 2

The C++ community is very large and quite vocal when it comes to controversial issues.


We’re very fragmented on many topics, based on the breadth of the C++ ecosystem and the background/experience we each bring from our C++ niche.
From CppCoreGuidelines to opinionated best practices to established idioms, there’s a lot of good information easily available. Mixed up with all of this there are also plenty of myths. Some myths stem from obsolete information, some from bad teaching materials.
In this presentation, I will dissect a few of the most popular C++ myths to a level of detail not possible on Twitter… and without the stigma of newb/duplicate/eyeroll one might experience when asking these questions on StackOverflow.
Expect the familiar “Busted”, “Plausible”, or “Confirmed” verdicts on each myth and come prepared to chat about these.
This is Part 2 of the Mythbusters series.

Victor Ciura

Victor Ciura is a Principal Engineer on the Microsoft365 Substrate team, building the Rust foundational libraries needed as part of the broader 🦀Oxidizer effort across the organization.

Spent the last 20+ years doing systems programming in C++ on various teams, such as: Visual C++(DevDiv), Advanced Installer, Clang Power Tools.

He’s a regular guest at Computer Science Department of his Alma Mater, University of Craiova, where he gives student lectures & workshops on algorithms and optimization techniques, using modern C++, Rust, Haskell.

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