Room 2 

15:00 - 16:00 


Talk (60 min)

Condition coverage in gcc: introduction and intuition

Different kinds of test coverage are vital to certain safety-oriented industries, and somewhat underutilized in general. Partly because of diminishing returns, and partly because of the inaccessibility of tooling. I have tried to address the latter by writing support for modified condition/decision coverage in gcc.

Software Design

This session will be a mix of things. A thorough description of the
algorithm and feature in gcc will be covered in the talk "Theory makes
beautiful programs", so this will be an introduction and (live) tutorial
on MC/DC and on the problem it solves (and what it doesn't). I will demo
the MC/DC feature in gcc and try to give some intuition to the very
confusing phenomenon of masked conditions.

Jørgen Kvalsvik

Jørgen is a programmer and free software enthusiast, with a passion for programming languages, high-quality software, and beautiful programs. He mostly works with developing libraries for scientific computing and peculiar legacy industry files in the energy industry. He has an MSc in Computer Science from NTU and develops free software at Equinor in Bergen.