Room 1

09:00 - 10:00 (UTC+02)

Talk (60 min)

Keynote: Testing as an equal 1st class citizen (to coding).

Ten years ago, many companies didn't really pay attention to testing. Then devops took off and people began to see the potential of automated CI/CD pipelines. Soon they started to understand that increasing deployment frequency doesn't work unless you also increase quality! And so people found themselves motivated to learn how to test more effectively!


Now testing is much more prevalent, and the companies going the fastest and with the highest quality are also the ones doing the most automated testing. But even in these companies testing is 'subservient' to coding.
In this talk I will present the idea of testing and coding as being
__equal__ first-class citizens in a co-evolving system. I will elaborate on what I mean by that. I will also present some practical tips and techniques based on this idea, some of which I am confident you will never have come across before, but which might just change the way you think about development.

Jon Jagger

I'm head of software at Merkely. I specialise in practice, process, test driven development, and complex-adaptive systems-thinking.
I'm 35 years old (hex) and I've loved software since I was 10 (decimal).
I'm married to the beautiful Natalie, and proud father of Ellie, Penny and Patrick.
I built to promote deliberate practice for software developers.
I was a self-employed consultant for 20 years. I worked with Accenture, Aviva, Cisco, Ericsson, Friends Provident, HP, Microsoft, Opera, Ordnance Survey, RBS, Reuters, Renault F1, Schlumberger, Tandberg and many many more.
I'm the co-author (with Olve Maudal) of the Deep C/C++ slide deck (over 1,000,000 views)
I'm the ex ECMA Task Group 2 C# convenor.
I've had some C# books published.
I'm the ex ACCU conference chairman.
I love coarse fishing and salmon fishing.
I live in Somerset, England.
On twitter I'm @JonJagger