Call for Paper

NDC TechTown is an annual conference focusing on software development for products. If you have an idea for a talk or a workshop then please submit a proposal!

Deadline - 19 May 2023

Format and duration

  • Regular talks: 60 minutes
  • Lightning talks: 10 minutes
  • Workshops: 1 or 2 days
  • Workshops: 60 or 120 minutes

Here are some suggestions for topics:

  • C++, C, Ada, Rust, and other relevant languages and implementation techniques
  • Cloud computing and embedded devices (eg, sensors, SCADA, Cloud, SoC, GPU, FPGA)
  • Software engineering (eg, design, methods, governance, model-driven architecture)
  • Testing (eg, automatic testing, unit testing, hardware testing, product testing)
  • Machine Learning, Deep Neural Networks, Algorithms, Computer Vision
  • Game Programming (eg, computer graphics, optimization, rendering, artificial intelligence)
  • Software Tools (eg, Linux, git, CMake, Docker)
  • Professionalism in Software Development
  • Privacy, Security, Ethics, Safety and Sustainability
  • Product development case studies
  • Other stuff you might think be relevant for this conference

Limit yourself to max 3 or 4 submissions. If you have previous speaking experience, please include links to videos, online presentations/slides or articles. In addition to specialists on particular topics, we are also looking for speakers with direct experience on developing real products.


19 May 2023


Do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions.